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The One Secret That Tells Your Negative Thoughts To Take A Hike And ‘Evicts’ The Limiting Beliefs Keeping Your From Your Goals…

Read On And Discover Why “Your Words” Are The Only Barrier Standing Between You And Happiness, Health, Wealth, Confidence, Love, And Much More!

Dear Friend –

If there ever was mysterious magic wand that you can wave over your life that “makes it all better” or instantly brings you the success, health, wealth, happiness, relationships, or dreams that you always put off or never seem to accomplish…

There is no doubt that you CAN and you WILL accomplish MORE in your life if you listen to the advice on this page.

  • YOU CAN Successfully Pursue Wealth…
  • YOU CAN And You WILL Achieve Happiness…
  • YOU CAN Transform Your Relationships If You Decide To…
  • YOU CAN Move Confidently Forward Toward Your Goals…
  • YOU CAN Achieve Much, Much, More…

….BUT YOU NEED To Accept the REALITY that YOU CAN change your life…

…and you can get started TODAY achieving the goals that are out of reach, following the path to success that you deserve, and overcoming the negative thoughts that tell you “I Can’t”.

You CAN accomplish your goals and dreams, but first you need to…

Start By Accepting The Bad News:

The Harsh Reality Is That The World Is Objective: It Will Keep Turning, And Time Will Pass With Or Without You Accomplishing Your Goals (Or Taking Action)…

The first step in moving toward your goals is accepting that FACT that the universe is a level playing field for success…

Reality is objective and it doesn’t care what you think, do or how you act.

The world will keep turning, day after day, and year after year…it doesn’t care if you’re driving a 15 year old Honda Accord or a Porsche, if you’re 50 pounds overweight or a bodybuilder, or if you’re able to retire 10 years early…

No matter what you do, the days will keep passing until your time here is over…

Once you accept the objective reality that you cannot change, you’ll begin to understand that you should never give up on your dreams because they seem difficult to accomplish, because barriers stand in your way, or become of the time they will take to achieve…
Because time will pass anyway, and it will leave you aged, worn, and broken, just wishing you had accomplished the goals you once had for yourself.

This is why…

You Need To Embrace The Good News Today:

Your Mind Determines The Path You Take Through Life
And You Have An Opportunity To Shape That Path.

There is another universal truth, a scientific fact that places everyone, no matter how happy, said, successful, poor or rich on the exact same level playing field…

It’s the undisputed fact that your brain filters your life experiences and helps you to understand them…

And you are actually in control of the process that matters the most, the thought process that determines if you will or will not achieve your goals.

One of the most prominent ways your impressions of the world and your future actions are shaped is through self-talk.

Self-talk occurs within your mind, it’s the internal use of language and thoughts that you use to dictate your life…

“Your Words” And The Emotions You Associate With Them Can Shape Your Future And Determine Success Or Failure!

Your words affect everything in your life: your thoughts, your emotions, your success or failure in life!

You use words when you have an internal conversation with yourself, when you read aloud, when you interpret nonverbal communication, when you make sense of text, signs, and symbols, and often when you think about what you can and can’t accomplish.

Today you need to understand how changing your words can reshape your life!

This Isn’t Some Wide-Eyed Theory:
Your Words Control Outcomes In Your Life.

Here’s Exactly How I Know…

My name is William Wood, and as a coach and certified hypnotist I’ve helped over 1,000 clients stop smoking, lose weight, improve their sleep, overcome fears, relieve stress, break bad habits, prepare for performances, increase income, and reach their goals… And what you need to know is that almost each and every time someone enters my office and asks for help, the client quickly realizes that the words they are speaking to others and themselves are literally shaping the results they are getting.

After attending thousands of hours of training, obtaining multiple certifications in hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and studying many other rapid change techniques, I can confidently say that learning the techniques and approaches I am going to teach you, will help you to achieve your goals and reach your dreams.

Today, I want to share with you exactly how you can apply one of the most important success principles so that you can accomplish your goals.

Now, you need to…


William R Wood II
Coach – Speaker – Author


Consider The Ways Negative Words Rule Your Life, Your Experiences, And Your Goals…

  • You might be facing some of the same negative self-talk problems that many of my clients face when they first ask for help…
  • You may be selectively multiplying the negative aspects of every situation in your head, filtering out positive experiences and replacing them with emotions that only hold you back…
  • Every time something bad occurs, you may be consciously or subconsciously using your words to blame yourself, assuming that you’re actually the cause for the negatives in your life…
  • Most of the time, you might anticipate the worst in every situation. Think about the last time something didn’t go your way right at the beginning of the day. Did you believe the rest of the day would automatically be a disaster?
  • You may only see things in black and white, is good and bad without recognizing the fact that there are various shades in between and that even “lucky people” experience failure, negative situations, and negative emotions…

And these are just of the few common ways that negative emotions and negative self-talk rule your life.

The good news is that you can change, and you can learn to incorporate positive self-talk that’s proven to help you achieve more and change your life.

Right now, you need to consider your past experiences…

And Ask Yourself….

  • Are you frustrated that you haven’t been able to achieve many of your goals and you feel like it’s almost too late or possible to ever see them come true?
  • Do you constantly think of the negatives in almost every situation and rarely focus on potential positives and opportunities that arise from adversity?
  • Have you ever found yourself accepting the choice to give up when the going gets tough and just watching your dreams slowly fade away?
  • Do you ever remind yourself of how hopeless it is to continue toward a goal because you’ll never be able to accomplish it no matter how hard you try?
  • How frequently do you put off what you need to do today to achieve one of your ambitions tomorrow?
  • When was the last time you told yourself that there was “more time” to achieve a goal only to realize that the goal was never going to come because of procrastination?
  • And are you prepared to make positive changes toward eliminating the negative self-talk that keeps you from being productive, achieving your goals, and working toward your ambitions?

If You Don’t Like Your Answer To Any Of Those Questions, You Need To:

“Ask Yourself How Much Longer You Are Willing To Sit On The Sidelines of Success While Other People Are Living Their Dreams”

Here’s the easiest way to explain why self-talk is a major factor in goal accomplishment or failure…

If you look at the experiences people who exhibit positive self-talk have, you’ll notice that they to experience “the bad” in life, but they try to pick out take away experiences, areas to learn from, and positive emotions every time that something stands in their way.

What you’ll find, is that positive people experience nearly the same amount of what you might call “bad luck” or “setbacks” as you do, but they keep moving forward and eventually reach their goals.
And the reason is, that over time, negative self-talk can and will convince you to stop trying.

This isn’t just something that I’m making up. It’s psychologically accepted principle, pioneered by psychologist Lev Vygotsky and accepted by professional therapists, counselors, and psychologists all over the world.

I’m not talking about a wide-eyed theory.

I’ve seen self-talk, both positive and negative, at work in the lives of thousands of my personal clients and what I can tell you right now is this…

You Have NO REASON Not To Accomplish Your Ambitions

Because You Can Finally Learn Precisely How Your Brain And Your Words Control Your Life And Create Positive Or Negative Experiences…AND What To Do About It!

I completely understand that not everyone has the time or the money to come meet with me or a professional therapist at their office to discuss negative self-talk…

So what I’ve done, is put the best advice that I can give you into a fifty minute audio presentation that explains the impact negative self-talk has on your life, and the actions that you can take to develop the positive emotions that will lead to goal fulfillment.

This is the exact same advice that I use in my office with private clients, but today it’s available in a physical CD that you can order for 74% off retail price.


WORDS (TM) The Power To Destroy, The Power To Create

DVD_Template (1)

Words™ The Power To Destroy, The Power To Create, is your complete guide to understanding negative self-talk in the real world techniques you can apply to move forward toward your goals.

This is more than a guide to motivating yourself.

Words™ is about showing you the immediately applicable strategies, tips, and techniques that you can use to transform the way you approach the barriers that stand between you and how you define success.

The unique approach of Words™ The Power To Destroy, The Power To Create follows the exact same advice that I’ve already given over 1,000 clients. You’ll follow along with the real-world examples, stories, and solutions already been field tested and proven… this is not just another self-help scientific explanation or textbook definition of what you need to do to change.

Words™ The Power To Destroy, The Power To Create is proven, real-world advice.

This CD Contains The Real-World Tested Techniques That Helped 1,000 Of My Clients Discover The Path To Their Goals And Dreams. Here’s What They Have To Say:

David Weber

I am constantly looking for ways to improve the way that I talk to myself. I write down and read my goals to myself pretty much everyday, and now since listening to these audios I am going to start adding affirmations to my daily mind conditioning routine. I believe that after implementing Mr. Wood’s strategies on how to effectively use affirmations I will see a much more powerful shift in my thinking about who I believe I am and how I talk to myself. Along with this newfound knowledge, I was also made aware of how I can start talking to my customers and team that I work. William’s examples of how simply changing the way you communicate about a certain topic has made it clear to me that I can become a lot more direct with how I speak to others, and that I can end up producing more of the results that I want to produce within the minds of the people I am communicating with. Thank you for the audios Mr. Wood, they are truly life and business changing.

Sal Pullara

I loved your CD Words. Mike Mandel was right on when he indicated how eloquent you are describing concepts. I’ve heard the speech about words before, but you really hit the nail on the head for me. It really resonated with me. So 10 out of 10 for the power of words. I really liked affirmations as well. Well thought out and complete. Not like others have said or used the concept. Complete. Best way to describe it. You are a great story teller and you make it easy to understand what you are trying to relay.

SalPullara 2

Rebecca Horne Carvalho

Well done! I am loving this CD. Thank you so much for making it and sharing it with us! I love how you clearly explain principles and tools, as well as how and why the tools work. For over a decade I have been refining my speech, yet your CD gives me valuable information and ideas about how to further refine it and speak with even more consciousness and awareness of the possible consequences of my words, whether positive or negative. This CD is a treasure for anyone wanting to be a wiser steward over what comes out of his or her mouth, and for those who want to be a wiser steward over their own mind by either correcting damage done by past words or by consciously installing, changing, and updating the programs there. Thank you!

Alana Johnson

I have always believed that when we need to hear a message it will be delivered. Right now, right here, this message was delivered by William Wood. A very powerful message that if you are willing to apply these ideas change can happen! Next I am going to teach my 6 year old son! Thanks William, I will certainly be more in tune to speaking what I want!

Steven Schmeltzele

That was a very cool audio you put together. The word pictures and how we use them has really made me more aware of how I tend to ask for the wrong thing a lot of the times. I’ve tried affirmations in the past but was just copying what sounded good from others. It makes sense to take note of the negative self thoughts and turn them into a positive with relevant affirmations. I enjoyed it so much I listened to it twice. It’s given me a lot of eye opening tips to get started with some big changes in my life. It put a new spin on using affirmations and adding a “because” to make them more powerful. Thanks again William.

Gwen McClellan

Very inspiring Will!! As a nurse, I’ve studied about positive affirmations. Your energy and your examples brought to mind Mr own negative words as I hear the voice which planted them in my mind. After listening, I certainly feel motivated to use these techniques to clean house. Inspirational as well as motivational. Thank you!

Chelse Bodily Chutich:

I thought your CD was great. I’m a firm believer that the subconscious mind controls our actions and way of thinking. This was such a great reminder and way to help train our subconscious mind to stay positive and to not bring ourselves down and if we do, to be able to correct it. It’s also a great way to help parents be positive to their spouse, kids and others around them so they don’t put those negative thoughts in their mind and in their subconscious. I can’t wait to do the 30 day challenge to see how my life and my families life change by changing my thoughts, words and my actions for the better. This would be a great way to help people make their lives better and to get them thinking more positive if people did this every day.

Sherril Paul

Great work William! I love this teaching so much & cannot wait to implement in my life. Everyone needs to hear this whether someone has spoken words that have altered our belief in ourself or if it’s merely our own stinkin thinkin! We all have it in some fashion. My 30 days starts today & thank you so much for the great value♡ I will let you know my results for sure! Perfect timing for me & that is because God is so good :-)

Tim Cole

I felt at ease and confident practicing the techniques you taught and I loved the story in the opening audio! Loved the Ben Franklin methodology with using two sides of a piece of paper! It Works! I am a thoughtful, well worded, action taker! My story is now beginning as I am helping thousands of people transform their lives! Thank you so much, William, for the tremendous value you shared and I want more!

Ellie Walsh

I love that you have put out a program about this – the power of words. This is such an important topic that many don’t understand. We, humans, have a tendency to just let our words flow out – not taking stock of what they are really saying and the affect they have on us and those around us.

If our words, internal and external, are not congruent with our desires, goals … we are actually in a battle with ourselves.

Your program has taken this very important topic and put it into an easy to understand process that is simple to use and implement.

While I have been studying, learning and teaching this kind of information … I listened to your audio program and it gave me a new boost … and I gathered a few more tools to use for my own expansion.

I always say – If you don’t have what you want in your life – you need to tell a new story! Your program absolutely enables someone to identify the words (story) that is holding them back and gives them the process to create that new story that will brng them to those goals, desires they have.

I highly recommend this program to anyone that is wanting more in their life.

Nicole Henry

William, Thank you so much for your Cd the Power Of Words. It has gave me a new perspective on how to get my child to listen and not have the frustration that comes along with trying to get them to do something your asking. I can tell that you are knowledgeable when it comes to the mind and the communication skills. You use great demonstrations in this CD that has made the information stick in my head. I pull from those stories you share often and it has made a drastic change in my parenting skills!

Uncover The Psychological Self-Talk Strategies Proven To Eliminate Negativity And Start Working Toward Your Goals Today!

Words™ The Power To Destroy, The Power To Create will help you accomplish any goal you like to achieve…

From health goals to relationships, creating wealth to finding happiness, the techniques outlined in this 50 minute CD have already transformed the lives of over 1,000 of my clients.

And now it’s your turn…

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